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Make grabbing Flash videos even easier

Between dodgy files and dropped connections, getting videos from the internet can be a frustrating experience. Make things a little easier with a program like Flash Video Downloader, a low-effort app to help you grab videos from a host of internet video sites.

The Flash Video Downloader, as the name suggests, will download flash video from the sites supported by the tool. It works with a single click - you open the video from within the built-in browser, click the large Download button on the toolbar and the file will download immediately. The interface is simple and very easy to work with. Unusually, there are no configuration options for Flash Video Downloader. This does make things simpler, but might irritate users who prefer more control.

The lack of configuration options also means that the user is not able to modify Flash Video Downloader's supported sites. As a number of adult video sites are included in the Video Website list, this makes the application unsuitable for certain users. I also noticed that Flash Video Downloader had a problem downloading from some of its listed sites and that as you are downloading from within the program, you cannot take advantage of any download accelerators you might have installed. This means that some users will find downloads a bit slow.

Flash Video Downloader is very easy to use, but wasn't as problem-free as it seemed at first glance.

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  • Nice interface
  • Smooth downloads
  • Supports multiple downloads at one time


  • Cannot modify list of websites
  • Cannot pause downloads or grab URL

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